It’s not about surviving, it is about…

Thriving as a Superintendent…

We equip school superintendents and district level leaders by combining world-class leadership with proven real-world experience, delivered in an accessible, high impact format.

MASTERCLASS for Superintendents is dedicated to helping K-12 education leaders to more effectively lead school districts. We ensure that aspiring and experienced superintendents thrive and not just survive.

For Aspiring SuperintendentsFor Experienced Superintendents

Program Benefits

We support both aspiring and experienced superintendents. Become a MASTERCLASS for Superintendents Member and gain:


  • Access to successful role models
  • Participation in a network of trusted colleagues
  • Increased confidence and impact
  • Reduction/Elimination of fatal errors that undermine superintendent success
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Shortened learning curve
    Teachers and Superintendents

    Key Features

    Each program covers major issues facing Superintendents

    Learning is organized into 9 -11 Modules, explored monthly

    Collaborations consist of integrated practical coaching and peer consulting on pressing needs and major issues

    Confidential discussions extend into a private learning and collaboration environment

    Discussions and learning are powered by a trusted cohort of peers

    Cohort Topics

    The order and depth of the MASTERCLASS cohort topics are matched to the particular needs of each Cohort. Topics include:


    • Adaptive Leadership, Relationship Building, DiSC Analysis
    • Attaining Budget and Fiscal Management
    • Building your Administrative Leadership Team
    • Developing Core Parent Leadership Groups
    • Leading and Prioritizing Learning & Teaching for Real Improvement and Change
    • Mastering Technology and Guiding Innovation
    • Navigating your Municipality
    • Optimizing Human Resources & Negotiations
    • Partnering with Unions
    • Teaming with your School Committee
    • Your Leadership -” Getting in Our Own Way – Understanding our Immunity to Change”
    • Taking Stock of What We Have Learned & Putting it All Together – “Getting on the Balcony”
    • Topics as requested
    Teachers and Superintendents
    Screen shot of some of the topics covered in the course

    We prepare aspiring superintendents and better enable experienced superintendents to lead by
    combining a world-class leadership learning journey experience with proven real-world experience, delivered in an accessible, high-impact format.