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The opportunity to participate in the MASTERCLASS Aspiring Superintendents program supported my entry into a Superintendent position after being a long-time Assistant Superintendent. The topics were relevant to the new role I would take on and challenged me to consider upcoming real questions and dilemmas. My cohort of colleagues helped me to problem solve and grow in my leadership skills. My coach helped provide real actionable feedback.”

Margaret Adams

Superintendent, Hingham Public Schools, MA (Cohort 1)

I’m fortunate to be a member of MASTERCLASS for Superintendents. Our MASTERCLASS (for Superintendents) sessions were personalized to our needs, and we now continue to have trusted MASTERCLASS (for Superintendents) peers and coaches to talk with as we go forward in our new positions. As a result of MASTERCLASS for Aspiring Superintendents, I’m a more effective Superintendent, avoiding pitfalls that might have serious consequences.

David Ljungberg

Superintendent, Stoneham Public Schools, MA (Cohort 1)

The MASTERCLASS for Superintendents provided me with valuable professional development. Finding learning opportunities that address ‘real-world’ experiences is challenging for assistants and superintendents. MASTERCLASS (for Superintendents) provided a mentor, colleagues, and strategies to incorporate immediately. Not only are experienced professionals available during class, but they also meet with you one-on-one monthly and are available any other time as needed. They stay connected long after the course is over. This course was a great investment and made me a better leader.”

Andrea Schwamb

Assistant Superintendent, Wareham Public Schools, MA (Cohort 2)

The MASTERCLASS for Superintendents course had several benefits for me. One benefit was through the course content, which not only made me aware of “best” practices for district leadership, but more importantly, helped me to be reflective of “smart” practices for long-term leadership impacts. A second benefit was having (from the instructional team) a coach, while taking the course; my coach served as a thought partner with me in assessing strategies that engaged all district stakeholders, particularly on issues related to equity. A third benefit was the collaborative work with other district leaders, which enabled me to “re-think” how to improve school and district climates, contemplate impactful ways to strengthen challenging relationships and ruminate on how I might build a sense of collective capacity across the district.

André Morgan

Chief Opportunity, Access and Equity Officer (Cohort 1)

The MASTERCLASS for (Aspiring) Supers was designed to address the real-world experiences that superintendents face every day. The course was organized into manageable segments, with discussions and assignments that were thought-provoking and engaging. The materials were well-structured and easy to follow, and the instructors were accessible and supportive throughout the entire program.

One of the most valuable aspects of the course was the one-on-one executive coaching meetings. These meetings provided a safe space to discuss my concerns, explore different perspectives, and receive feedback on my leadership approach. The mentorship component of the course was invaluable, and it helped me to develop new strategies and approaches to solving complex problems.

Overall, the MASTERCLASS for (Aspiring) Supers was a fantastic investment in my professional development. It provided me with the tools, resources, and support to become a more effective leader and a future superintendent. I would highly recommend this course to any aspiring superintendent who is looking to enhance their leadership skills and become more effective in their future role.”

Andrew D. Rebello

Assistant Superintendent/Principal, Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School (Cohort 2)

“I am excited for leaders around our state to have this opportunity and have the highest regard for the experienced founders of MASTERCLASS for Superintendents.

I would have benefited tremendously from this program as an aspiring superintendent and highly recommend it to my colleagues. I’m looking forward to being a member of the experienced superintendent cohort.”

Bill Burkhead

Superintendent of Scituate Public Schools